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N & S offers the widest selection of


in-stock Deicing Products within the


Baltimore / Washington DC Metro Area!







The Deicing Products that we represent


cover a wide range of determining factors


from cost to the products capabilities.


Check with your N & S sales associate to


determine the best product to suit your


particular needs.

note below*


We offer same day delivery to Maryland, Virginia and DC!



Magnesium Chloride


Natural Product from the Dead Sea

Reserve your magnesium early to ensure product availability



Dead Sea works Ltd. Product of, Israel


Magnesium Chloride is considered one the best total ice-melter

that is less corrosive on metal surfaces, help protects concrete from

spalling, is the least toxic to animals and environmentally

much safer than Calcium Chloride and Sodium Chloride (rock salt).

Note below*


Magnesium Chloride is 100% Natural Product from the sea


Magnesium chloride is effective down to as low as -20° F*

We offer this product in pellet form

50Lb bags and bulk bags


Same day delivery to Maryland, Virginia and DC!


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Blended Ice Melting Products


This product option, when chosen

correctly is the overall best option

available to melt ice and snow.

Some contain CMA which help protect surfaces.

While some are great to use around pets and



Chloride based ice melters are hydroscopic, meaning they draw moisture

from the surface and the surounding air to active the melting process and

start to build heat. Then the Solar salt allows for an extended melting

period while adding traction at a lesser cost.


Is melting ice quickly the only factor to base your decision on?

Or is substantiality over a greater period of time important?

Blended ice melt products offers the best of both worlds!*

Next deciding factor is which fits my needs the best:

* Is detection needed such as non-tracking dyes or colorants?

* Are you applying to asphalt or concrete?


*Is the concrete still green (under one year of age)

Does the concrete have air entrainment or is it dyed?


Almost all ice melters come with flashy pictures and big fancy names. But as

you know fancy names do not melt ice and snow!


We have done "real world" testing on all of the products we offer.


When buying an ice melt product ALWAYS request an SDS and MSDS safety

data sheet to really know what your getting.


A good blend will allways state what's in the bag.


Get something that contains at least 5% or more of hydroscopic products.

Here are a few options we stock or carry to help you with your quest.

Remember, we are just a phone call away!


note below*

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This product is made in the USA!


A liquid brine in its natural state is converted into a

dry material by removing the water. It quickly absorbs

moisture from the atmosphere, while rock salt must come

in direct contact with moisture to be effective,

which is not available at low temperatures.


When calcium chloride is converted back into a liquid,

it gives off heat thus melting the ice.

Calcium chloride is the absolute most aggressive ice melter

ever produced. Put it down and it will sound like popcorn

popping as it does its job of melting ice.


This product is used quite often in colder climates where

other ice melters would fail.


Calcium chloride is effective down to as low as -30° F. If applied

heavily, an oily residue may appear.

We offer calcium chloride in a spreadable round pellet form.


note below*

Made in the USA not a product of China!


Same day delivery to Maryland, Virginia and DC!


50Lb bags




Bulk Rock Salt


Bagged Solar Salt



Salt is the most commonly used deicer. It is the least expensive

alternative and melts ice fairly well in moderate to low temperatures.

Compared to other materials available it has limited effectiveness in

very cold temperatures.


It will not effectively melt ice below 28 degrees and it can be

harmful to vegetation and pets.


If cheap ice melt is what you are seeking, salt is your option.

Rock salt contains water to a certain degree, rock salt will freeze if

left in temperatures below a certain degree. Once thawed, it will be an

unusable solid block of salt.



For this winter season we have elected to only carry kiln dried,

4 X screened solar salt in bags. The product we carry, Halite has

been screened four times and is very uniform in size, kiln dried in an

oven to over 450 degrees ensures no moisture which can freeze or lead

to bags turning into rock hard blocks. This product is able to be easily

spread through a broadcast spreader.




, We stockdeliver and carry bulk rock salt!



Same day delivery to Maryland, Virginia and DC!

Bulk Rock salt is sold from 1/2 ton to full dump truck or demo loads


Do not asume the product is appropriate or safe to use.

Read the entire products lable and SDS sheets provided by

the manufacturer

(furnished upon request) Note below*

simple and safe, ecomag, ice beeter, landscapers choice, avalanche






Deciding On The Right Ice Melt


Product knowledge can help you determine the right product for

your application.

Keeping the grounds safe for vehicle, pedestrians and our pets is a

main concern when snow and ice accumulates.

The use of deicing products is a common way to rid walkways and

roads from potentially dangerous ice.


There are hundreds of brand names of ice-melting products on the


Not all ice melters are created equal, one might be great at melting

ice but if there are pets on the property it could make that product

unsafe to use.

note below*

Same day delivery to Maryland, Virginia and DC!


Deicing Alternatives


Ammonium-based ice-melting products like ammonium nitrate, Urea

and ammonium sulfate are fertilizers that contain nitrogen.

This product is illegal to sell or be used as ice melt within Maryland!

Nitrogen contained within this Ice melt is the main ingredient that is

damaging the Chesapeake bay!


Not to mention, they have been found to chemically attack and

damage concrete the worst of all products available.


Acetates — sodium acetate, calcium magnesium acetate (CMA) and

potassium acetate — are environmentally friendly, biodegradable

and non-corrosive.


Sodium acetate and CMA come both in dry and liquid formulation

used as an ice melt on bridges, parking decks and airport runways.


It does not attack rebar in reinforced concrete and is biodegradable,

creating no problems in runoff water. It changes ice and snow into an

oatmeal texture.


This product alone is considered cost-prohibitive by most

users, as it costs four to five times more than calcium chloride.


When blends claim to contain CMA check the percentages as you

will find it is in miniscule amounts, thus being in-effective.

note below*


Promise vs. Performance


Don’t be misled by advertising claims. Catchy names, colorful

packaging and impressive statistics can lure you to buy ice melt that

may not meet your desired expectations. Here are some common

claims that may be misleading:

note below*


Melting Temperature


“Scientifically proven to melt at temperatures to -5 degrees”. This

may be true, but this is a laboratory measurement taken in a

controlled environment, not a practical ice melting temperature.


In a laboratory, a liquid with a 10% concentration of salt will

freeze at 20 degrees, a 20% solution will freeze at 2 degrees,

a 23% solution will freeze at -5 degrees, and a 26% solution will

freeze at -28 degrees.

It’s not likely that you will create an exact 23 percent concentration

of salt out on the sidewalks.


The practical ice melting temperature is one at which visible ice

melting occurs within 15 minutes of application. Temperatures given

previously were the practical melting temperatures.


Also, did you know ice melt products are not regulated by any

agency of the Government? Other than nitrogen containing



So, buyer beware is the understatement. Look at the percentages

contained within the product and know what you are buying.

note below*




Most ice melters state they will not harm vegetation when used

according to label directions. This can be misleading because there

are too many variables in the amount of ice melter used.

How much snow and ice must be removed?

How many times per year will ice melter be applied?

Where does the melted snow and ice go?

Here are the results of a study of common deicing chemicals on turf.

Sodium chloride (Salt) generally is recommended for use at a rate

of 1/2 cup to 1 cup per square yard.

Damage to turf occurred with two to three applications and in one

application if over applied.


Salt also can kill the roots of plants, not just burn foliage. Sodium

Chloride should not be used in area where melted runoff water will

come in contact with sensitive plant material. Also, salt continues

to build up in the soil, resulting permanent damage.


Fertilizers often are assumed safe for turf because they are fertilizer.

The rates for fertilizers used as ice melt, however, are much higher

than the rates for feeding.

Damage could occur is over applied.

The study also showed that blends of salt and fertilizer also caused

damage to vegetation.

note below*



Many ice melters claim to be non-tracking. If they melt ice and snow,

they create slush, and it tracks into facilities, no matter what. Look

for an ice melter that is easy to clean up. Calcium Chloride is the

hardest to clean when it is tracked on carpets. The use of floor mats

also will help lessen the problem.


note below*



According to the Concrete Institute, damage to concrete is primarily

the result of freeze/thaw cycle on poor quality concrete or that of

non air entrained concrete. The chemicals sodium chloride and

calcium chloride have very little effect on concrete. Ice melters,

however, do increase the number of freeze/thaw cycles in a given


Ice melters also can damage concrete containing rebar. When

chlorides in the brine seep into the concrete and come in contact

with the rebar, corrosion begins, resulting in concrete cracking and


For this reason, chlorides are not recommended for use on

concrete containing rebar or around steel structures.

Some ice melters contain corrosion inhibitors, but these products

have not always proven effective.


These products do not act on the chloride ion in salt, but instead,

work by pacifying the rebar. In a laboratory test, a bare metal strip is

placed in a solution of ice melter with corrosion inhibitor and water.

No corrosion occurs because the pacifying agent moves freely in the

water and coats the metal. In the real world, the pacifying agent does

not move freely; instead, it becomes tied up in the concrete and is

not likely to reach the rebar.


The major considerations for choosing ice melters are:

Potentual damage to property or surrounding areas

Melting temperature

Product formulation

Cost and effective uses on different surfaces

Surrounding vegetation

note below*


Final Thoughts and Considerations


Don’t forget, stock up early so you are not without product.

Ask about volume quantity discounts. We sell products to both the

private sector as well as many Government agencies.

Allow lead time if being delivered.


Finally, take time to speak with our knowledgeable sales

representative to discuss specific site needs and determine the

most effective, safe and economical products to your application.


Same day delivery to Maryland, Virginia and DC!


Call Now 301-428-3200









Important: The information presented herein, while not guaranteed, was prepared by technical personnel and is true and accurate to the best of our knowledge.


This information is not intended to be all-inclusive as to the manner and conditions of use, handling, storage, disposal and other factors that may involve other or additional legal, environmental, safety or performance considerations, and N&S Rentals, Inc. assumes no liability whatsoever for the use of or reliance upon this information. While our technical personnel will be happy to respond to questions, safe handling and use of the product remains the sole responsibility of the customer.

No suggestions for use are intended as, and nothing herein shall be construed as, a recommendation to infringe any existing patents or to violate any Federal, State, local or foreign laws. Using ice melter can be harmful to property and surrounding areas. Read the label and make your own determination.

Information provided withing this page is simply the opinion of the writer and he/they shall not be liable for any damages that occur.