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frequently asked questions

How does accreditation differ from licensure and certification?

Licensure is offered state by state. Officially there are 22 states with some sort of DME licensure laws, but really, within these 22, only about 10 have what you would call real licensure requirements that are specific to this business and require a site visit by a state inspector. The other states have requirements for things like occupancy permits, mattress re-use licenses and the like. Certification is awarded generally to an individual, such as a Certified Case Manager, who has passed a national competency exam, or one who receives a certification in a specialty. There is a DME Driver Certification Program in the industry as well as certification in billing expertise and others.

Accreditation is a program your entire organization complies with. It has been voluntary, but is soon to become required starting this year.

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Is accreditation mandatory for providers who wish to participation in competitive bidding?

Yes, only appropriately accredited providers will be eligible to bid.

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What if I want to change accreditors, or I am opening a new business and need to select an organization?

As you review these accreditation organizations, look for the program that works best for your business. If your referral sources or the networks you participate in require a particular accreditation program, then your choice has already been made. If not, visit booths at national conferences such as Medtrade, VNAA and NAHC. Review their standards, call their offices and talk to the staff, ask them your questions and talk to providers who are accredited by them. Your best bet is to work with the organization with which you feel the most comfortable.

There are 3 Deemed Status Providers for Home Health and Hospice accreditation. They are:

CMS has selected 10 Deemed Status Providers for DME accreditation. They are:

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