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Healthcare Quality Association on Accreditation (HQAA)

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Compliance Programs

The President's Affordable Care Act requires that healthcare providers have a formal Compliance Program in place. While most accredited providers have had some sort of Compliance Program in place, rarely does it meet the new requirements issued in the Act. These requirements include:

Written Policies and Procedures specific to Compliance, not just a standard P&P. These must include:

  • Standards or Conduct and written policies for risk areas.
  • Compliance Officer and a Compliance Committee with specific responsibilities.
  • Compliance Training and Education for all staff (including sales and marketing staff), upon hire and annually.
  • Effective lines of communication, which includes the ability for employees to report violations anonymously.
  • A plan for auditing and monitoring all processes and documentation.
  • Enforcement of compliance policies through well publicized policies, disciplinary actions, quick response to detected offenses and more.

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  • Creation of your Corporate Compliance Program
  • Assistance with enforcement of your current program

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