"I have worked with Mary Ellen for 15 years and I am convinced there is no one who understands the world of home healthcare as well as she does."

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Hospice services are one of the most wonderful programs provided, yet the risks facing hospice programs these days have never been greater. Per-diem reimbursement from third party payers is a challenge that can pose difficulties for even the most experienced reimbursement coordinators. Providers are routinely questioned to justify length of stay for patients beyond their initial cert periods, ensure that they have proper documentation at required IDT/IDG meetings, have obtained complete orders and show that they coordinate all of the activities of their field staff. Proper training of all staff, from nurses, aides and therapists to pastoral services, Board Members and volunteers is a common cause of deficiencies in both state and accreditation surveys.

And if running this complex business isn't difficult enough, hospices are suffering through CERT, RAC and ZPIC audits. Organizations must take a proactive step in ensuring that their documentation is clean and clear well before it is requested by a payer. Pre-payment and post-payment audits can cripple a provider's cash flow. Providers must be ready to face these audits with ample credit lines, a thorough paper management process and the knowledge of their rights and appeal process.

Experts from Capital Healthcare Group can assist your organization with every aspect of management and services from pro-active audits, re-accreditation preparation and follow-up Plans of Correction as well as management of the audit process once it occurs.

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